Power Lines To Electric Times


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released February 7, 2009

BRENT SHIREY: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, banjo, harmonica, pedal steel, Rhodes, piano, Roll-A-Piano, coronet, broom, percussion
SCOTT RIDER: drums, vocals, typewriter, percussion
ERIC KEHOE: bass guitar, vocals

All music by VALENTIGER.
Songs written by BRENT SHIREY.
Produced, mixed and mastered by STEVE HOLSINGER & VALENTIGER.
Recorded March 20 - December 2, 2008.
Artwork by BRENT SHIREY.

Additional Musicians:
SCOTT SCHULTZ - bass guitar, bell set
STEVE HOLSINGER - upright bass
MARK LAGO - trumpet, tuba, french horn, trombone

STEVE, JOANIE & JACK HOLSINGER, MARK LAGO, CHRIS SCHAEFER, all family, friends and fans who have been both supportive and patient.



all rights reserved



Valentiger plays charismatic pop rock that caters to a wide variety of sensibilities. Carefully crafted and effortlessly orchestrated, their collective confidence as a band is as deserved as it is tongue-in-cheek. Their infusion of wit and humor with an enlightened cultural outlook creates a product as reflective of their individual personalities as it is cloaked in surprising wisdom. ... more

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Track Name: Aboveboard
It’s certainly not true
You’ll remember what’s important to you
I’ve been waiting for a simple tune
So we could leave some room
For the memories that lie in chalk and ruin

The sea is not angry
It’s only perceived
That way
When you try to conquer the waves
That it’s throwing at you everyday

I’m taking all my steps
I got a new downstairs neighbor but I haven’t met him yet
Small town, streetlight fever of regret
I don’t smoke but I like cigarettes

The summer life’s been swept away and the colder shoulder older ages are pushing you away but let’s stay above


It was surprising to see
She had remembered it so perfectly
Beautifully, flawlessly
I kicked myself for forgetting

It was romantically relieving
To find out what I had been believing
For so long
Was empty
It was so pretty

We’d both been feeling our way through dim, thin hallways and talking to each other through collided weekdays

We’re aboveboard
Floating slowly from shore to shore
Tomorrow’s drawer
Track Name: Leaving Town
Me and Matt were too nice to be rock n’ rollers
Yeah, but we were getting by
When they went where the wind frequented them
Oh yeah, they had to get on by
But when we talk about it, now
It seems just so unkind

When he flew across the sea
With a fleet
Of intentions caught in his eye
He walked a ceiling that hit his mind
Should he find
The stars are a blanket over all the time?

A sunset, country courtyard house
I’ll take my chances in a world this big

We’re leaving town
Like a ghost in a crumbled house

To the east
I know there’s love to be found at the least
But, oh man, then we’re heading west
To the up and down
The scenario frown
And the restless press
Track Name: Never Ready
I have a name
It’s all the same to me
Call me Dave
Call me catastrophe
An insane
Time to blame the rules
Cause they aren’t there
They aren’t theirs to choose
So I take all I’ve known as clues

Anne Marie
Remember these days for me
Buried in basements
Far from the world to see
I know you are
Settled to marry soon
You’ll have a name
Is it all the same for you?
Don’t lose that softer shoe for me

Looking on down
Lakeside town Ontario
I just can’t tell
When I might feel at home
24 years
And I’m never ready to go
If I’m not here
Stop on the way tomorrow
I know Tuesday’s got a name
Its’ all the same to me
Track Name: Courses
Courses they twine
Like dirt in carpet
Tracks in the snow

When I was watching people through lighted, boxed windows, you weren’t there

Looking around
From the north side of town
My hand me down furniture came

All of the time
The twirling lines
Left no single thing to blame
Oh, how lazily it came
When I did see you there, baby

Coffee, caffeine
You’ve got you
But courses prove you can’t stand alone

Friday afternoon
TV news
Is blaring down to the car lot phone.

As it rings along
I imagine they’re calling
To set me true
But I already knew
When I did see you there, baby

Why stand alone?
Track Name: Bosses in their Offices
Stuck-in man
Takes his daughter to daycare the in A.M.
Oh, but he can’t spare
A 10-dollar affair
On the weekend
But when he goes out he’s got nothing to hide

Bosses in their offices
So surprised by happy, hospital families
The old man’s vision through his old man’s end
I’ve been feeling so guilty my friend
Cause when I go out I’ve got so much to hide

It’s time that I woke up wrong
Its time that I broke my thumb
I know that I could wake up wrong
If only I could break my thumb tonight

Parking lot cars
Marital stars
My regards through greeting cards
Track Name: Under the Gun
Morning dawn
Golden mellow moon is gone
Yellow sun
Sets you
Under the gun

Whatever we choose
We probably wouldn’t change
However it might have ended
It’d probably still be this strange
The soft beat
Of our feet
Under the gun
All of those rules and plans
Dout the last romantic chance
While no one stands up their discontents
Its best
Left unsaid
Under the gun

Under the gun
On hot-coal hunch
Track Name: The Girl That Everyone Forgot
she professed her love to white socks. i wrote her down for my color red. and no matter what anyone said. i still loved her anyway. when i was reading through letters i thought were lost. i realized nothing was lost at all. and though it never ever could have worked out. i still loved her anyway. and i fell in love with the girl that everyone forgot.
Track Name: Man on Fire
Nothing to say
Nothing’s changed
I can’t sleep
When I know that it’s going on

Into my head
Think about all the things that I’ve said
I want to go
In a row down the line

With that 10:30 train
Never late to whistle away

Safe and sorry in my room
I was hoping it wouldn’t be doom
That was coming for me if I didn’t see

I want to feel lika man on fire
Cast about the stones of desire
I could be sitting on a pound of gold
For all I know
But I want to feel like a man on fire

Still I don’t know why
Consequence looms over dreamer’s rooms
But lets go run
Lets have a time
We could find
All that’s waiting for me in line

Pounds of heavy syrup
Thickening my conscience out of sight
Track Name: Hard to Let Me Down
Why’s is so hard to let me down?
When it’s just so easy to let you down

Expectation came
To an upset in my brain
Necessary needs
Are single-set refrains
Any other gain is a lovely rain of circumstance
Track Name: Daybed
Four quarters and linens
In apparition
But what can you do
With a Sunday afternoon
Except let it bloom down the great wide open of Caprice Avenue?

The heat duct croons
Table as your dining room

Taken away
Every time I look away
Wasting away
In a day job day
Track Name: Lament
I just want to sing a song
Don’t want to ask for no ride home
Actors on the player
Actors on the scene

I see the jokers on my TV
Shaking bodies and wasted monies
I have to press my button for the change

There’s no place for the duller
There’s no room for the flattest colors
There’s no time for slow enough
But if the wind could blow enough
We could move it on

It’s not about what you know
It’s not about what you’re saying
It’s about whom you know
How you say it
And whom you say it to

But I don’t want to hide behind no collar
Don’t want to hide behind no one’s dream
Don’t want to hide behind the things I’ve lost
I want to let it go cause that’s how you do it