Selections From the Film Finding Home


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18 songs written and performed by Valentiger are featured in the film, Finding Home, by Bright Idea Pictures. Although released over the span of four albums from 2003 to 2013, these songs have been collected to sample the band's work in the spirit of the film. Two selections each appear from "Oh, to Know!" (2011) and "Power Lines to Electric Times" (2009), as well as one track from both "Magnet Heart Conveyor" (2005) and "Color" (2003), released under the alias Happy Hour.


released 28 March 2013
Brent Shirey -guitars, vocals (All), bass guitar (Misanthropy), harmonica (Leaving Town), Autoharp (Oh My God! This Weekend), pedal steel (Man on Fire), Rhodes (Man on Fire)
Scott Rider - drums (All), pot (Oh My God! This Weekend)
Bill Kahler - bass guitar (What Makes the Heart)
Eric Kehoe -bass guitar (Oh, to Know!, Oh My God! This Weekend), vocals (Oh, to Know!, Oh My God! This Weekend, Leaving Town, Man on Fire), piano (Oh My God! This Weekend)
Scott Schultz - bass guitar (Leaving Town)
Steve Holsinger - stand up bass (Man on Fire)
Mark Lago - brass (Man on Fire)

Mixed & Mastered & Produced by VALENTIGER & STEVE HOLSINGER.

All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: What Makes the Heart
Fast as it break
Still, slower than you're shaking
And I feel I'm awake now
As long as it's taken

There are no second chances
Only room to make the changes
But I know what it takes now
No longer a stranger

Just as it comes together
Everything pulls apart
You must forever remember
What breaks, it makes the heart

Everything I've evaded
All the time I've waited
I have only put off
The only way to be strong

Now, all I want is to find
All I've left behind
Track Name: Oh, to Know!
Well I would like to think that we can
That we can know the sorts
Know the worst of what hurts

And we could agree just to be sure
Of at least one thing
Baby, you and me

Oh, To Know!

Just like a bottle floating oversea
We’re floating to be free
Two escapees

We’re sailing along as a write-in
To an ocean of doubt
Out and on the prowl

Oh, to know is to know nothing at all
You would be a fool if you didn’t know that already

Oh, to know is to drown us both down to the bottom!

Oh, baby to know, baby to know
Is knowing nothing at all
Baby, to go all the way home
Is just a place to call
Who waits!? Who waits!?
Future brings endings
Baby to know, baby to know
Is knowing nothing at all!
Track Name: Leaving Town
Me and Matt were too nice to be rock n’ rollers
Yeah, but we were getting by
When they went where the wind frequented them
Oh yeah, they had to get on by
But when we talk about it, now
It seems just so unkind

When he flew across the sea
With a fleet
Of intentions caught in his eye
He walked a ceiling that hit his mind
Should he find
The stars are a blanket over all the time?

A sunset, country courtyard house
I’ll take my chances in a world this big

We’re leaving town
Like a ghost in a crumbled house

To the east
I know there’s love to be found at the least
But, oh man, then we’re heading west
To the up and down
The scenario frown
And the restless press
Track Name: Man on Fire
Nothing to say
Nothing’s changed
I can’t sleep
When I know that it’s going on

Into my head
Think about all the things that I’ve said
I want to go
In a row down the line

With that 10:30 train
Never late to whistle away

Safe and sorry in my room
I was hoping it wouldn’t be doom
That was coming for me if I didn’t see

I want to feel lika man on fire
Cast about the stones of desire
I could be sitting on a pound of gold
For all I know
But I want to feel like a man on fire

Still I don’t know why
Consequence looms over dreamer’s rooms
But lets go run
Lets have a time
We could find
All that’s waiting for me in line

Pounds of heavy syrup
Thickening my conscience out of sight
Track Name: Straight Street
Radio waves
From the rave of love
Pick them up and read them, bring them through
It's an overrated satellite
A saturated social life

There's no people in the street
They're all hiding away in their holes
I'm not afraid anymore

I mistook Starlight for Straight Street

Well, the future won't bring
What you thought, what you sing
So, you try your best
To move on
Track Name: Misanthropy
To be one
Must be the aspirations of
Cold, cocked eyes
And vibrations in your mind

And no one knows why
We do what we do
So use it to blind
The eyes of your conscious mind

I dont care
Get what you need
But do I care?
When I'm calling out

Don't leave me, don't leave me here all alone
You could not go and I could not stay
And it was

Behind your eyes
You can decide
To compromise
With what you care
But do I care?
When I'm calling out?
Track Name: Oh My God! This Weekend
Oh my God, this weekend
Well, I feel like I cheated again
'Cause the times I reel in
Are waiting to be repeated again
All my obligations
Are just now sneaking right in
'Cause the times I'm reeling
Are just waiting to be repeated again

Oh, I just can't shake her advice
She said, "You'd better be careful or it'll be your whole life."

Oh my God, this weekend
Well, these feelings you'll never forget
You just might dream
Or even be forced to relive
At times that just seem so unkind
That impossibility to rewind

Oh my God, this weekend
Well, I feel like I cheated again
Burning holes in my socks
And I'm changing my locks
Guilty pleasure, falsified treasures
I've either been sleeping
Or I've gone right off that deep end again

Could a trip to the store
Be any more of a bore?